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24/7 Towing and Recovery was established with the view of supporting any motorists who are experiencing any inconveniences on South African roads.
We are specialist in towing, rollback and recovery service with state-of-the-art equipment, professional personnel and many years’ industry experience.
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Our Services

Towing Services

We are able to tow away heavy duty vehicles that have been stuck in mud, involved in an accident etc. Heavy duty vehicles that weigh around 8 – 30 Ton which includes plant equipment, trucks, buses and more.

Our Services

Rollback Services

Rollback tow trucks are also flatbeds in appearance, yet are fitted with a hydraulic system and winch that allows the bed to “roll back” and tilt at an angle to make it possible to drive or pull a vehicle onto the bed. This is especially useful for severely damaged vehicles when one or more of the wheels are not functioning.
We move vehicles, forklifts, tractors , boats, caravans, bobcats, Compressors and more.
Rollback Recovery

Our Services

Recovery & Transportation

We specialise in the transporting of forklifts, containers, helicopters, industrial generator sets and extreme engineering projects throughout South Africa. Our accident recovery portfolio is extensive and we can recover any vehicle from almost anywhere.

Customer focused

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Custom Solutions

We offer customised, turnkey solutions to meet all of your recovery, towing and transport needs.

Safe, reliable cost-effective

We provide 24/7 safe, reliable and cost-effective towing & recovery services in South Africa

Quality Service

Our customers can rely on 247 Towing and Recovery to get the job done in a safe manor.


Assisting motorist throughout South Africa

We operate a fleet of modern vehicles with experienced personnel capable of transporting normal and abnormal loads safely and efficiently throughout South Africa.

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